Live Video: Midlake

Live Video
Janice Headley
photo by Charina Pitzel (view set)

Five years is way too long for a visit from Midlake, but let's just say the hauntingly-beautiful folk-rock group from Denton, Texas had a good reason. After spending two years recording in the farm, frontman and founding member Tim Smith announced he was leaving the band. Rather than break-up, the remaining members regrouped and chose to forge ahead, scrapping all existing recordings and starting from scratch. As guitarist Eric Pulido puts it, he "stepped six feet over to the right" and became the band's new frontman, and the band pulled together to make their most cohesive album yet, Antiphon. Pulido explained to Filter Magazine that the word "antiphon" is Greek for "opposite voice" -- we're happy Midlake have found their voice, and brought it to the KEXP studios.

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