Review Revue: X - See How We Are

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

"Hey, baby, it's the 4th of July!" Digging a little deeper into the lyrics for this X song about fading love - promoted via the giant sticker on this copy of See How We Are - perhaps it's not the most appropriate tune to be cranking in honor of our nation's birthday, but that sort of incongruity didn't stop Republicans from adopting "Born in the USA" as their anthem, so why should it stop us from shooting off fireworks with a little X blasting in the background?

See How We Are is the legendary Los Angeles band's sixth (and, so far, penultimate) studio album, and the first without founding guitarist Billy Zoom, the subject of some discussion among KCMU DJs at the time, as you will see. One distinctive note about these particular reviews: Either the band or someone pretending to be them steps in to take a particularly negative commenter to task. (It's probably not really them, but I'm not 100% clear on what's going on; perhaps some KCMU alums can clue us in?)

"A much better album than their last one. In fact, the only difference between this record and their first 4 is the great guitar work - because they have a new guitarist. John, Exene, DJ do remain pretty much true to their roots although they have also refined the sound somewhat.""It seems to me that they're stuck, wallowing in mediocrity and are probably on their way to the big time. However I still find that the harmonies of John + Exene are cool. Other than that it's fair to middlin' guitar rock."

"Re [previous comment]. Seem to be stuck in snobbish elite isms so popular with asshole college students. - J.D. & X"

"So there!, Creed!"

"And I haven't changed my mind. So there Marsh."

"It was a JOKE!"

"Fella, it was a joke. By the way, there are no extra tracks on the CD."

"No Zoom here."

"This album is fine by me. They have done better & worse. [illegible] of a LA musician who has found with love."

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