Hood to Hood Day 2014: The Faint

Hood to Hood
Matt Pritchard
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

Since the mid-'90s Omaha, Nebraska natives, The Faint, have been composing within the dance-punk tradition, but not without a distinctive tinge. On their website, they state that, they're "disinterested in making anything except what their own inspiration drives them to make." This philosophy, albeit bold, has led them to where they are today, successful artists with an equally impressive discography who've pulled some interesting aural moves along the way. During the production of Danse Macabre, the Faint brought death metal guitarist Dapose into their entourage, and later produced an original song, entitled "Teacher Teach Me," for the children's show Yo Gabba Gabba! Despite eventually deciding to go on hiatus in 2008, their journey into the spotlight has been a hard-wrought one, going through lineup shifts along the way. But, the break proved to be pivotal for their creative minds, releasing Doom Abuse in 2014, four years after their 2008 release Fasciinatiion. Together again, they happily agreed to play a sweet set for the Hood To Hood Celebration, and what a show it was!After an enthusiastic sound check and a brief loss of power, The Faint (all donning black Levi's 510s) began their much anticipated set. To kick off the Hood-to-Hood Celebration, they revived the fast-paced "Agenda Suicide," from Danse Macabre, and cajoled the outside crowd into Hillard's Beer Taproom. Between songs, Clark Baechle, drum-machinist, set the beats, each creative improvisation a brief moment of silence between the dance-punk uproar. Moving minimally on stage, Fink and co. nonetheless held a strong presence and from the start of their second song, Dapose laid his bass lines down heavily and Fink chanted "telepathy twits make waves today," marking the intro to their hit, "Mental Radio" off Doom Abuse. As soon as the band broke into the chorus, the crowd in Hilliard's Beer Taproom jounced about, their fans ecstatic about the new album's hooks and uptempo sonic shifts. The Faint sustained their energy, breaking into the poppy, eighties-influenced "Damage Control," and excited conversation erupted as the song ended. They finished their quick stint with "Glass Danse" from Danse Macabre and the throwback "Worked Up So Sexual" from the 1999 release Blank-Wave Arcade, leaving all listening in a state of sublimity. Suffice it to say that screaming, howling, applause, and even, well, barking, ensued after their top-notch performance.

In case you missed The Faint at Hilliard's Beer Taproom today, you can grab your tickets here for their 8PM show promoting their new album Doom Abuse at the Neptune Theater tonight!

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