Live Video: Hounds of the Wild Hunt

Live Video, Local Music
Jake Uitti
photo by Brady Harvey

It’s rare that a band has three songwriters. But camaraderie oozes from the Seattle group Hounds of the Wild Hunt – and it seems each member truly appreciates when another can show his stuff on the mic.  Ryan Devlin, Jonny Henningson, Nikki O Anderson and drummer Cary Davis make up the band that calls Café Racer home. And, boy, can they sing (and shout and scream!). They are so close to the Racer scene that they are dedicating their next full-length to the bar that, about a year ago, experienced the gun violence tragedy heard ‘round the world. “It’s a testament to the people that we love,” said Henningson of the new record. Formerly the band The Whoremoans, the group changed their name because they had “different” songs to write. And now, as rockin’ as ever, they are showing their stuff! See their KEXP in-studio here:

Full Performance:

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