Live Video: Oblivians

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Trevor Crump (view set)

Following their 1995 debut, Memphis garage punk band Oblivians released two more albums in quick succession and then practically disappeared for the next twelve years. But they didn't quite slip into, well, oblivion. Band members Greg Oblivian, Jack Oblivian and Eric Oblivian -- a.k.a. Greg Cartwright, Jack Yarber, and Eric Friedl -- each carried on with other projects, plus in Greg's case, a record store, and in Eric's, indie label Goner Records. Thankfully, Oblivians weren't destined to be just one of the many mayfly punk acts, now dead and buried, of these gentlemen's careers. In 2009, the trio reunited for a handful of shows and supported their friends The Gories on tour. They decided to stick together and "keep their amateur status" by writing new material because, as Eric says, "messing up new songs is a whole new way to go". Now, with an fiery new LP on In The Red Records, Oblivians stop by the KEXP studio to keep it short, fast and loud as they play three new songs and one old one from 1996's Popular Favorites:

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