Live Video: Man or Astro-Man?

Live Video
Jacob Webb
photo by Renata Steiner (view set)

There's one aspect to booking Man or Astro-Man? for an in-studio session that the band didn't reveal until they were on air. "We steal one thing from you guys, and if you figure out what it is, we'll give it back." Well, we don't think they took anything when they stopped by KEXP's studio in March, but they sure as hell left an impression for those of us who have never seen a surf-tinged punk band in spacesuits tear it up. (Not to mention that their banter ranks up there with such greats as Father John Misty, Jeff Tweedy, and Ryan Adams [on a good day].) "Some slacker radio stations don't understand how to adjust their atmosphere, so we appreciate that," smirks bassist Coco in between songs and one-liners with DJ Morgan. Watch the quartet tear up new songs, threaten to steal things, and go through the ending of "Evil Plans of Planet Spectra" four times below.

Full Performance:

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