Happy 4th of July!

Video Roundup
Jake Uitti
Joshua Lewis / KOMO News

Perhaps what is best about being an American comes through in the music this nation has produced throughout its relatively short history. From the blues to rock and roll to soul or folk and country, America's roots are deep within the sonic soil. On this 4th of July, marking the nation's 237 year anniversary, we want to celebrate that idea by sharing some of our favorite patriotic performances, from Jimi Hendrix to Ray Charles, from Bruce Springsteen to Charles Bradley. No matter your thoughts on the current state of the union (and its ever-warming summers), it is music that can unite us through our hardships and our joys, that can heal us, inspire us, and carry us forward. While you wait for the fireworks to begin this evening, enjoy this roundup of music about America gathred for this day of celebration.

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