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Sharlese Metcalf

Every day I think about partying. When I eat kale, I feel like I'm partying. When I look at the lead singer of The Drums, I feel like I'm partying. When I host my radio show Audioasis, I feel like I'm partying. I basically feel like I'm partying every minute of the day.

A couple of months ago, I realized that I had some true love for Andrew W.K. He's super positive and also talks about partying all the time. I really enjoy following him on Twitter. His "party tips" are pretty awesome to the point that I was like, wait a second... I have a lot of songs that I like that are about partying... and I bet I could get them all together and create one monster party! Well, here you go! This podcast is complete with Andrew W.K. party tips and commentary from my friends.

  • Music That Matters, Vol. 365 - The Party Podcast

  • 1. Craft Spells - Party Talk

  • 2. Dismemberment Plan - You’re Invited
  • 3. Chastity Belt - Seattle Party
  • 4. Kingdom Crumbs - Red Cups
  • 5. Dom - Happy Birthday Party
  • 6. Brite Futures - Best Party Ever (So Far)
  • 7. Deerhoof - We Do Parties
  • 8. TacocaT - Bike Party
  • 9. Coconut Coolouts - (Please Don’t Break Me Out of) Party Jail
  • 10. Treepeople - Party
  • 11. Mean Jeans - Don’t Stop Partying
  • 12. The Spits - Let Us Play Your Party
  • 13. Gift uh Gab - Moor Gang (feat. Jarv Dee)
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