Live Video: Grynch & Budo

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Jake Uitti
photo by Dave Lichterman

There have been some great team-ups in the history of popular music and rap. Recently, two of Seattle's own, Grynch & Budo, debuted a new pairing that can’t help but remind listeners of other powerful duos like Brother Ali and Jake One, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and The Black Keys, but in their own fresh and uplifting way. DJ John Richards invited Grynch and Budo to the Morning Show for what he called a “super positive” set, featuring Grynch’s vocals over the dreamy-piercing guitar (and piano) of Budo. Starting with the super-catchy pop song “Mr. Rogers” followed by their new single “Treadin’”, on which Grynch raps, “Half the people in my life are like, ‘You’re doin’ it’ / The other half are like, ‘Tell me, why you doin’ this?’”, and ending with a stirring solo song by Budo called "Circles", the set reminded KEXP's audience why Seattle remains a strong and fertile bed for hip-hop. Listen to the session here:

Full Performance:

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