Live Video: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Live Video
Jacob Webb
photo by Renata Steiner

If you saw them on the street, it's very possible that you'd mistake Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for, well, members of an actual motorcycle gang. Bassist Robert Levon Been and guitarist Peter Hayes have been playing together since high school (drummer Leah Shapiro has been with them since 2007), and their rough, grimey sound has only grown stronger with the band's maturation. When the band stopped by KEXP's studios recently, the material from their seventh and latest LP, Specter at the Feast, took on a more visceral feel as the band brought their effortless cool into the studio for five prime slices - four new ones and the BMRC classic "Spread Your Love" - of brooding, reverb-drenched garage rock. Watch video of the band's session below and try to resist the urge to go out and buy a leather jacket in June.

Full Performance:

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