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John Grant at KEXP on June 20, 2013 / photo by Beth Crook

Never underestimate the power of sharing music. Songs and artists with something to say can shape so much: identity, politics, political identity, identity politics... you catch my drift. When I was a teenager, just coming to terms with my homosexuality, the mix tapes my adult friends Steve and Robert made for me pointed toward different, more promising possibilities beyond the day-to-day grind of adolescent life in smalltown Virginia.

While I don’t imagine The Heist booming through the chambers of the Supreme Court, the impact of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ viral smash “One Love” certainly presaged our nation’s evolving opinions on marriage equality and presaged Wednesday’s historic rulings. That video continues to find new audiences and touch listener’s lives, and that’s what I aim for when compiling KEXP’s annual Big Gay Podcast. You’ll find a variety of genres and viewpoints amidst the 18 selections this year, from a woozy, night bus remix of John Grant’s “Black Belt” to the fist-pumping indignation of Kathleen Hanna and the Julie Ruin. Hopefully, one or more of these selections resonates with you and you’ll pass along the 2013 Big Gay Podcast and share the love. Trust me—it can make a big difference.

  • Music That Matters, Vol. 362 - Big Gay Podcast 2013
  • 1. Escort – Barbarians
  • 2. THEESatisfaction – Game BLOUSES
  • 3. Wishbeard – Runnin’ Around
  • 4. Mark Eitzel – Costume Characters Face Dangers in the Workplace
  • 5. Pony Time – Kathleen Hanna
  • 6. The Julie Ruin – Oh Come On
  • 7. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybird – Loud and Proud
  • 8. Natasha Kmeto – Last Time
  • 9. John Grant – Black Belt (Dungeonesse remix)
  • 10. Future Bible Heroes – Let’s Go To Sleep (And Never Come Back)
  • 11. Psychic Friend – Water Sign
  • 12. Gaytheist – 60 Easy Payments
  • 13. Hunx & His Punx – You Think You’re Tuff
  • 14. Sleeping States – Liberty Feelup
  • 15. Hex Partners – Mesozoic Death Trip
  • 16. Thalia Zedek Band – Go Home
  • 17. AZITA – Opening
  • 18. Deathfix – Better Than Bad
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