Live Video: Ex Cops

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Greg Stonebraker (view set)

Conceived originally as a duo by singer/guitarist Brian Harding and singer/keyboardist Amalie Bruun (ex-Hymns and ex-Minks respectively), Ex Cops explore the depths of pop through a psych-tinged haze. Influences on their aptly titled 2013 debut, True Hallucinations, range from early 80's NZ jangle to late 70's NYC proto-punk to 60's reverbed garage rock to and 50's rock 'n' roll filtered through an otherworldly mix of synths and other sounds, though most present are Harding's and Bruun's hushed vocals and dreamy melodies. Since forming, Ex Cops have expanded to a five-piece, and full band stopped by KEXP recently to bring True Hallucinations to life. Watch the session here now:

Full Performance:

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