Live Video: Capsula

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Jim Bennett (view set)

Ever since we caught sight of Rising Mountains, their 2009 release, we've been fans of Capsula. The Bilbao by way of Buenos Aires band always thrills with their glam rock inspired riffs and pounding rhythms, reminding you as much of Sonic Youth as T.Rex and David Bowie. Their stage shows, in particular, are a spectacle to behold, as Martin Guevara wails, flails and grinds his guitar on any and every object near him while Coni Duchess lays down the most alluring bass lines ever, and if ever The Muppets' Animal were embodied in an actual human, that would be drummer Ignacio "Nacho" Villarejo, who beats his kit like a wild man. That the band's very genesis comes from a deep reverence of Ziggy Stardust should be no surprise, but their love for all things Bowie (even their name comes from a line in "Space Oddity") has finally culminated in their collaboration with legendary producer Tony Visconti, fresh off his work on Bowie's The Next Day, on their forthcoming release, Solar Secrets, due later this year. During their recent tour with their other heroes, Os Mutantes, Capsula stopped by KEXP to share a few of the songs they recorded with Visconti, live in our studio... and, as all things rock when it comes to Capsula, even their mascot piñata (Capzilla? T.Wrecks?) shreds. Watch it here:

Full Performance:

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