Live Video: David Schelzel of The Ocean Blue

Live Video
Jake Uitti
photo by Beth Crook (view set)

Recently, David Schelzel of The Ocean Blue stopped by the KEXP studios to play a live acoustic set, which included a cover of Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Face.” Stripped down – accompanied only by one other guitarist for the final tune (Schelzel’s friend Michael Morris) – and in preparation for a full band show at the Tractor Tavern, Schelzel sang for DJ John Richards on The Morning Show, his voice full of some sonic mourning-melancholy-remorse, as if a crooner serenading outside the window of a lover – only, with this set, each of us holds the place of the one looking down, listening from our bedroom window. Schelzel reminisced on the time between his first record (which came out just after his high school years) and latest release: “I was turning 30, and I thought, maybe it was time for me to go back to grad school and do something else for a while – and I did that – but I couldn’t fully get away from music... this is really our first full-length record and we’re pretty excited about it.” You can get excited about it too by watching the in-studio here:

Full Performance:

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