Sasquatch 2013, Day 3: DIIV

Sasquatch, Live Reviews
Katherine Humphreys
photos by Matthew Thompson

At around 3 o'clock, I made my way to the fairly full audience of the Bigfoot stage to catch Cole Smith's (of Beach Fossils) project DIIV. Little did I know I was in for one of the more sun drunk performances I would see - and I mean that in the best and most innocent way. At one point guitarist Andrew Bailey wandered out on the speakers, his face turned upwards, his eyes gazing into the sun, before he rather shyly turned and went back to the stage happily playing. Clapping broke out in the audience during the set, and Cole smiled rather bashfully and pointed, smiling at the crowd. Flower crowns abounded to see the band from NY, (which they said a few times during the set, probably because they were sad they have to go back) who are actually named after a Nirvana song - and the influence sticks. They played almost their whole album Oshin during their time on stage, washing the audience in a warm bath of dreamy, lyrical but still grungy rock. DIIV played a giddy set to a happily sun kissed crowd.

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Sasquatch Live Reviews

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