Sasquatch 2013, Day 3: Fang Island

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Katherine Humphreys
photos by Morgen Schuler

Is it weird that I actually noticed that singer Jason Bartell was wearing the same star studded shirt today at Sasquatch that he was wearing during Fang Island's session in 2010 at KEXP? I only notice because that's one way I think of their music - the sincerity of their power chord power stance performances as the guitar glitters through delicate but strong riff after riff literally makes me think of falling stars. There was a joyousness to their performance today, a gratefulness to being out here - "You know it is insanely beautiful here? I know you've been hearing it all weekend" they said before launching off into another song. Bartell's voice is more indie than you expect it to be - soft on the edges and good to listen to - based on the guitarwork. The played much of their recent album, Major, on Sargent House, letting the crowd get carried away in infamous tracks like "Sisterly" and "Kindergarten". Their set was a great way to get some energy into the start of the long day, as well as get in your daily dose of enthusiasm and excitement.

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