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  • Freshly signed to Sub Pop, Rose Windows have wasted no time making gentle waves with their "hard-hitting hippie" style of psychedelic Sabbath-influenced rock. "Wartime Lovers" is a tambourine tangled track with harmonies that swirl and captivated to boot - singer Rabia's deep and melodic voice soothes while stirring distant collective memories of stormy desert plains as much as thick Edenic forests.[Spin]

  • Today brings news of a bonus track from Daft Punk's Random Access Memories - "Horizon" was released as a bonus part of the Japanese edition of the album. Wandering through a cyber acoustic universe, the instrumental track is somewhat melancholy and meditative for the duo. Synths swell, but don't really overcome the meandering feeling. [NME]
  • Ambient electronic duo Beacon pulled "Drive" from their album The Way We Separate and handed it over to 10lbs, who made the R&B influenced video for the dark track. “I was interested in taking elements of a R&B video and making something darker and more mysterious." they said of the video, and it is filled with smoke, blue depths, mysterious camera angles, and nighttime cab rides. [Stereogum]
  • Seattle's Secret Colors might not be the loudest voice on the scene, but it certainly is a distinct one. "King" starts off grinding before a pleasant and bubbling beat begins to turn that grind into a listenable sound. The track builds up and leads you to wonder, king of what? King of the woods? King of the sky? King of something imaginative, possibly child-like, and beautiful.  [Impose]
  • Montreal based typically-house producer Jacques Greene's track "On Your Side" pulls in r&b electronic master How To Dress Well aka Tom Krell to beautiful effect - the tracks infectious beats and filled in with the soulful heavy singing of Krell. The effect is a track that you alternately can't stop dancing to while you also can't stop feeling strong emotion towards. Is it love? Is it sadness? Either way, it's amazing.[FACT]
  • Julia Holter has released the title track - "World" - from her upcoming album Loud City Song. Breathy and high, her voice is punctuated by harpsichord and backup vocals, while the video foreshadows the strange but beautiful album to come. "I don't know how I wear a hat so much," she wonders, weaving the song of city life and wanderings, that ends with, "what am I looking for in you, how can I escape you?" [Fader]
  • While I wouldn't blame you for not being ready for this Nashville band's choice of band name, but Diarrhea Planet's track "Separations" is another story. Four guitars slam through the separation anxiety-themed anthem - "Dig your heels in, and get your teeth in, and quit your bitchin!" Guitars ripple up and down in the background, heavy and fast and light and lucid, while they shout out the lyrics.[Stereogum]

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

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