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  • To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their Give Up, album The Postal Service is heading out on tour. The duo of Dntel's Jimmy Tamborello and Death Cab's Ben Gibbard released this video (done by Sub Pop Records) to share their story. It tells the humble story of how these two made such an impact with just one album - an impact that has lasted a solid decade. Their announced tour dates are selling out faster than I can write this sentence. Lucky for us Washingtonians, The Postal Service will perform at Sasquatch! on May 27. [NPR]

  • In other band reunion news, Fleetwood Mac debuted a brand new song called "Sad Angel". The way Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham are still able to fit their voices so seamlessly together is astounding. The track is so classically Fleetwood that it will remind you what we've all been missing since 2003's Say You Will. According to Buckingham the band will drop a new EP "of some of the best stuff we've done in a long time" and that it should be released "in a few days". Mark you calendars so you don't miss Fleetwood Mac at the Tacoma Dome on May 10. [CoS]

  • Now this is something to REALLY get excited about! The legendary Paul McCartney is coming to Seattle this summer. He decided to add three more US cities to his "Out There!" world tour, and luckily one of those includes a stop at Safeco Field. This will be the venue's first major concert, and who better to christen it than Paul McCartney? Get your tickets for the July 18th show HERE. I can't imagine these tickets lasting for more than a hot second. [CoS]

  • For those of you looking for a little more "current" electro music news, Mount Kimbie has a new single out. "Blood and Form" is from their upcoming LP Cold Spring Fault Less Youth (out on May 28 via Warp). It has a slow start but it quickly blossoms into an electrically charged track with amazing synthesized percussion. Take a listen below. I for one am very excited to hear what they have in store for us. [Stereogum]

  • Here's a hilarious little tidbit to wrap up this post: a woman in Colorado got arrested for assaulting her boyfriend. What would posses her to do this, you ask? Well it seems he wouldn't stop singing Macklemore and Ray Lewis' ridiculously overplayed hit "Thrift Shop". The woman, Samantha Malson, said she asked her boyfriend to stop "25 times" but apparently that just wasn't cutting it. Her next course of action was to grab him around the throat, a solid plan that landed her in jail. I agree that the song can get quite annoying, but I bet she'd trade that orange jumpsuit for some clothes "from that thrift shop down the road". [TSG]

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Daily Roundups

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Daily Roundups

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