Live Video: Gliss at SXSW 2013

Live Video, SXSW
Jacob Webb
photo by Dave Lichterman

As if the music was reflecting off the bicycles, Gliss' afternoon set at during our SXSW broadcast was a shimmering cooldown after Jovanotti threw a vibrant Italian party in Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop. As the group ran through a set of tunes from their latest LP, this year's Langsome Dans, frontwoman Victoria Cecilia moved with a brooding sway as her bandmates Martin Klingman and David Reiss created hazy, glimmering soundscapes. Despite playing in a well-lit room, the Danish/American trio's music sounded as nocturnal as ever, with Reiss' guitar cutting through Cecilia's keyboards like a street light at 3AM in Los Angeles, even in the Austin sun. At a festival that was seemingly dominated by bands who thrive on visceral energy, Gliss proved that sometimes the best way to stand out is to play it cool. Watch the band's noirish, glistening performance here:

Full Performance:

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