Live Video: The Moondoggies

Live Video, Local Music
Jake Uitti
photo by Victoria Holt (view set)

The title for their latest album, Adios I’m a Ghost, fits The Moondoggies aptly – for, who are they, exactly? Always somehow be-shadowed, always off to the side somewhere, always somehow physically obscured. Upon listening, this is the sense they exude. In fact, lead singer Kevin Murphy noted of the new album that he hopes it shows off a sense of formlessness to the band’s songwriting. The Seattle band, though, has been a steady presence in the Northwest for over a decade, playing stirring music, rich with engaging harmonies. It is easy to picture them, with their calm and collected demeanors, playing a gig to a large audience and then simply packing up their gear and heading to a dimly lit pub for a few pitchers and a few laughs together in a corner booth. Watch the band's full KEXP performance, celebrating the release of Adios, here:

Full performance: 

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