Live Video: Ghost Wave @ CMJ

Live Video, CMJ

You might call it Flying Nun 2.0, for the venerable New Zealand label recently began signing new Kiwi acts after a long hiatus. Considering Flying Nun signed and released many of its country's most celebrated acts including The Clean, The Bats, Bailter Space, The Verlaines and The Chills, any newcomers had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, new New Zealand band Ghost Wave more than lives up to their legacy with their own brand of fuzzy, psych-tinged guitar pop. Following the Flying Nun release of their debut album, Ages, earlier this year, the Auckland four-piece played a tight, gripping set at Judson Memorial Church last month during KEXP's broadcast from CMJ. Tambourine shakes, floating harmonized vocals and a sense of cool behind long hair and sunglasses not only help set this band apart from both their predecessors and contemporaries, but it makes them super-fun to watch. Check out their full performance here:

Full performance:

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