Live Video: Washed Out

Live Video, MFNW
all photos by Morgen Schuler (view set)

A few years ago, "chill wave" seemed all anyone could talk about, and Washed Out was among the first on the scene with the ubiquitous single "Feel It All Around". But while the fad died out, the Georgia-based bedroom composer Ernest Greene developed the his free-floating sound into a full live project, reaching well beyond the genre's insular navel-gazing tendencies. Composing now for a full band and copious instrumentation, Greene has created a lush and expansive world on his new album, Paracosm, which undoubtedly will land on many listeners' top 10 lists of 2013. Lately, the five-member band has been on the road, recreating this landscape for thrilled audiences, and along the way stopped by the Doug Fir in Portland during our Musicfest NW broadcast. Check out their performance here:

Full performance:

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