Review Revue: Severed Heads - City Slab Horror

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Australian electronic experimentalists Severed Heads officially called it quits in 2008, after almost thirty years, but they are the first band I've covered in this series that not only has a functioning, relatively up to date website, but has their own Bandcamp page where you can buy their entire catalog (including today's topic, City Slab Horror) at very reasonable prices.

Tom Ellard (whom at least one KCMU DJ appeared to want to start a religion around) was the primary creative engine behind Severed Heads for the bulk of its existence. In addition to meticulously archiving the work of Severed Heads online, he appears to be keeping busy creating musical games and other multi-media projects and geeking out over bad synthesizers.

"Electro-experimental LP from Australia's Severed Heads."

"Industrial pop with machinery tape-edits vox-effects and a beat. For those who can't handle Swans but want to be marvey [?] anyway."

[Illegible comment that seems to make reference to the words Alfred and Marvey.]

"When I want to feel moody, I listen to the Village People."

"I said MARVY."

"It's too late for that now."

[Illegible comments.]

"'Ayoompteyempt' - Neat-o"

"Tom Ellard is GOD!"

"Not God but he had a good idea he's since tossed. Oh well."

"Big hair's a-comin'!"

"Who the fuck would want to be, or listen to GOD?"

"'Goodbye Tonsils' is meant to be played loud!"

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