KEXP at CMJ 2013, Day 2: Au Revoir Simone

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all photos by Benjamin Mobley (view set)

Text by Jacob Webb and Janice Headley

In one of the best moments of our CMJ broadcast so far, a teenaged boy showed up at the Au Revoir Simone session holding a handmade sign: "I'll Stay Awake for You," a play on the lyrics for their single "Somebody Who." It's true -- their sound may be dreamy, but the charming all-girl trio will keep you up, and dancing. They even broke out a cover, transforming the melancholy Mazzy Star track "Fade Into You" into a sultry, disco ballad, with each of the three girls taking a verse.

After a four year hiatus, Au Revoir Simone returned last month with the album Move In Spectrums, which incorporates more airy synthesizers and dance-rock elements into the trio's layered, breathy coo. They're still powered by a bank of keyboards and a drum machine, but they sound more charismatic than ever, emphasizing rhythm and more aqueous vocal lines that push the trio into the forefront of the songs.

The band are heading out on tour, including a Sunday, October 27th stop at Neumos in Seattle, so stay awake and catch them out on the road.

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