Mackemore and Ryan Lewis Sell Out... for a sandwich

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Watch, in the latest Funny or Die video, as local hip-hop duo, and apparent shoeless drifters, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sell out:

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Farewell Easy Street Queen Anne

On January 18, Seattle lost one of its valued treasures: Easy Street Records Queen Anne. Although vinyl sales continued to increase, they couldn't forestall rising rents, and so one of the city's small handful of excellent record stores closed its doors. Since the Queen Anne location was more than …

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Daily Roundups

Wednesday Music News

Yo La Tengo have premiered a new video for their song "I'll Be Around" (which, by the way, is their first new video in 16 years), and it features Mac McCaughn, founder of Superchunk and the Merge record label, singing the song and picking at a guitar in a woodsy field somewhere. The video is also …

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Daily Roundups

Tuesday Music News

Fresh off her tour with Radiolab, Thao Nguyen and The Get Down Stay Down are streaming their new album We The Common. Featuring a collaboration song with Joanna Newsom, "Kindness Be Conceived", the album is catchy but surprising - Thao can easily move from sweetness to roaring in a jump and a skip.…

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Live Video: Black Prairie

When every member of a band comes from other (and sometimes more commercially successful) bands, it's usually a sign that the members are either doing it as a lark or following a true passion. In the case of Portland, OR's Black Prairie, the five bandmates seem truly to be loving what they do. Comp…

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