Live Video: Little Green Cars

Live Video
Jacob Webb
photo by Amber Zbitnoff

Not many bands can successfully transition from performing a heartfelt lament into a vicious murder ballad, much less on a sunny April morning, but that's exactly what Dublin's Little Green Cars did this past April. Since the last time they played KEXP, the quintet has not only grown by leaps and bounds as musicians, but also released their debut album, Absolute Zero. When they played CMJ in October, the band's greatest strength was their earnestness - a slightly damaged, but optimistic outlook that seeped through their songs. This time around, they're no less honest, but much more confident, playing their harmonious blend of 2000s indie rock and Gaelic folk melodies with a conviction that only comes from maturation on the touring road. Watch the group come full circle below.

Full Performance:

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