Sasquatch 2013, Day 4: Disclosure

Sasquatch, Live Reviews
Katherine Humphreys
photos by Matthew Thompson

I had not expected to even make it to Disclosure at the El Chupacabra tent. And I never would have known what to expect from then electronic-music-genius brothers if I hadn't seen the video or "Control feat.Ria Ritchie", which is one of several songs featuring amazing guest vocals that they two have released from their upcoming album, in which they stand in control of the dancing in a quiet but powerful way. For their show at Sasquatch they featured some of the album artwork - which for being incredibly simply drawn faces, is surprisingly captivating - at the back drop for their killer set. Not only did they play "You & Me" ft.Eliza Doolittle, but they also spun out crowd pleasers (pretty much every song they played was my favorite song) "White Noise" ft. Alunageorge and ended their set with the explosive "Latch" ft. Sam Smith. In between all of this could be hear an amazing remix of Jessie Ware's "Running", which continually surprised me in the most pleasant way - when you expect a drop or a line of lyrics, Disclosure is one step ahead of you, which means they are never boring or repetitive. Though I, too, was guilty of possibly exhausted dancing earlier in the day and later in the night, during Disclosure's set there was no way to not move every inch of my body.

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