Live Video: Toro Y Moi

Live Video
Jacob Webb
photo by Dave Lichterman

It seems like forever ago that Toro Y Moi were lumped in with the chillwave movement, but across the last four years and three albums, Chaz Bundick’s music and (and it’s four person live incarnation) have gradually evolved into something bigger than a blogosphere-darling bedroom project: a fully-fledged group that knows how to lay down some serious grooves. Containing traces of ‘90s house, funk, and R&B, Everything In Return, Toro Y Moi’s third full-length, is Bundick’s most adventurous outing yet, so when he and his band came by KEXP’s studios in February, the Columbia, South Carolina native laid down some dancefloor-worthy tunes that were far from “chill.” Watch video of the session below and try not to groove too hard at your desk if you’re at work.

Full Performance:

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