Live Video: John Cale

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Renata Steiner (view set)

It's not every day a musical legend walks through your door. At age 70, with some 50 years in the music industry as a performer, composer, and producer, John Cale has made an indelible stamp on the history of music alone and alongside fellow legends like Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The Modern Lovers, Nico, Patti Smith and Danger Mouse. And throughout that time, he's never ceased making music of his own. In fact, his 2012 release, Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood, is like his 15th solo studio album and which, as our Music Director, Don Yates, describes is, "heavily steeped in electronic sounds, combining synths, samples, loops and drum machines with guitars, viola and his stately vocals (occasionally manipulated by a vocoder) into playfully adventurous, goth-tinged electro-pop." Clearly, age hasn't slowed his genius, and with all the humility, warmth and talent he's built over the year, John Cale shared two new songs live in the KEXP studio and two older classics. Watch the videos here:

Full Performance:

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