Live Video: The Helio Sequence

Live Video, Local Music
Jim Beckmann
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

All day tomorrow, we'll be counting down KEXP listeners' Top Albums of 2012 all day, and there's no doubt that local band The Helio Sequence will have a strong showing. That it took four years to release Negotiations isn't too surprising, considering the Portland duo usually take their time perfecting their songs, but what is surprising is the new texture they've given it. While previous albums have had a cool, dreamy atmosphere upon which Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel lay vocals, guitars and drums, the new one seems far more organic, mellow and warm. Appropriately, they shared a few of their new songs live in the KEXP studio during the (relatively) hot Seattle summer month of September. Check out the videos here, and be sure to tune in tomorrow to see where they land.

Full Performance:

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