Smart Speakers

We have started to dip our toe into the world of smart speakers! Right now our main focus is on the Alexa Skill and Apple TV app, but in the future we would like to see offerings on Google and Roku devices as well. KEXP is also available on devices such as Sonos.

Alexa Skill
The Alexa Skill allows users to to listen to the Live Stream and Streaming Archive on any Alexa enabled speaker or device. To read more about how to use our Alexa Skill, click HERE

Apple TV
The Apple TV app allows users to listen to the Live Stream and Streaming Archive.

As the number one streaming device, we identified this as a possible device that could benefit from a KEXP channel. We anticipate that the channel would have the Live Stream, Streaming Archive and Podcasts.

KEXP works on Sonos devices and allows for users to listen to the Live Stream. Please note that KEXP does not have any afiliation with Sonos and any change requests would need to be directed to thier support team.