Mobile Roadmap

There are many items we are working on for 2023-2024. Listed below are a few of the key features and other enhancements we are working on in 2023-24 for the KEXP mobile offerings. These are not ranked in highest priority, but rather this is a list of items we have identified as priorities for 2023-2024

  1. Pre-Roll Reduction
    Every time you start streaming KEXP, you will hear what we call "pre-roll". This is the "KEXP an affiliate of the University of Washington....". Many listeners have reported that they hear this far too often. We agree. Determining why this is happening and resolving it is a priority for us.
  2. Click-to-Play
    A lot of times DJs will post links to their shows on social media such as Facebook and Twitter so listeners can consume the show at a later time. Right now, the logic doesn't always open the show correctly on mobile. As such, we have identified that it would be a much better experience to directly open the show from the beginning when the listener clicks the link.
  3. Non-Track Plays
    At times there is a need to display rows that are not directly related to music in the Live Playlist. Such things would be interviews, events, etc. Basically anything that isn't contained inside our music database! This may seem small, but helps our DJs organize their shows and playlists.
  4. UI Refresh for both apps
    One of the most ambitious projects we would like to accomplish is a refresh of both the iOS and Android devices. There is a growing need to include more and more content as we create it, but also we would like to see the two apps closer in parity in how they are designed. This makes it easier for the listener to navigate on any platform they desire!
  5. Android Auto
    The iPhone has CarPlay. why not the Android? Great question! We agree. Having Android Auto available to folks who can benefit would be a great feature and we look forward to offering this.
  6. Podcasts
    Having our wonderful podcasts available within the apps is a big desire. We would like to offer this as soon as possible and are working to determine how best to do this.
  7. Push Notifications
    Have you wanted to be notified when a band you like is playing live? Are you interested in finding out if a KEXP event is happening near you? We do too. A Push Notification will give you an alert on your phone informing you of these types of things.
  8. First Run Experience
    When you open an app for the first time, some of the features and coolness may not be obvious initially. Having a guided tour of the features would help users know what is available within the app.
  9. Exporting of Favorites To A Playlist
    We would like to offer the ability to export your favorites to a playlist in Spotify, Apple Music, etc. It's a stretch goal for us, but something we feel everyone would love.
  10. Apple Watch App
    Want to quickly see what's playing from your iWatch? We think that would be super helpful as users go about thier day. This also is a stretch goal, but something that would be amazing to offer.
  11. Bugs
    As always, we will continue to address bugs that affect you. If you find any, please let us know!!

If you have other feedback or suggestions to share, please email us at