International Clash Day


Each year on February 7th, music lovers all over the world observe International Clash Day, an annual celebration of seminal UK punk band the Clash, and a recognition of the enduring influence of their music and human rights message.

This year, KEXP will travel to London for a 4-day live broadcast and online event, featuring live performances, exclusive interviews, with a special focus on music and message in The Clash’s landmark album London Calling, which celebrates its 40th year in 2019. Back in Seattle, we will celebrate with Clash Cover Night on Thursday, February 7th at 7:00 PM at Washington Hall featuring Hotels, Mirrorgloss, Guayaba, and Dark Smith

Stay tuned for interviews, articles, and more.


6:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM GMT Ibibio Sound Machine
8:30 AM PST / 4:30 PM GMT Big Joanie
11:00 AM PST / 7:00 PM GMT Avalanche Party
1:30 PM PST / 9:30 PM GMT JOHN
6:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM GMT Fatima
8:30 AM PST / 4:30 PM GMT Kero Kero Bonito
11:00 AM PST / 7:00 PM GMT Vanishing Twin
1:30 PM PST / 9:30 PM GMT Snapped Ankles
6:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM GMT Ghostpoet
8:30 AM PST / 4:30 PM GMT Shopping
11:00 AM PST / 7:00 PM GMT Chemtrails
1:30 PM PST / 9:30 PM GMT Piroshka
6:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM GMT Goat Girl
8:30 AM PST / 4:30 PM GMT Queen Zee
11:00 AM PST / 7:00 PM GMT Soviet Soviet
1:10 PM PST / 9:10 PM GMT IDLES
1:40 PM PST / 9:40 PM GMT Heavy Lungs

Spotlight on Social Justice Organizations

Because The Clash was anti-racist, anti-fear, pro-solidarity, pro-unity, pro-inclusion, KEXP is taking time to spotlight local social-justice organizations making a difference in our community. This is a public service announcement with GUITARS.

Interviews + Articles From Past ICDs

International Clash Day

LONDON CALLING: Do You Accept The Charges?

Writer and former KEXP DJ Larry Mizell Jr. reflects on The Clash's seminal album 40 years later for International Clash Day 2019

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International Clash Day

London’s Still Calling: Modern Artists Carrying On The Mission of The Clash

From IDLES and Priests to Downtown Boys and Young Fathers, we look at bands who are continuing the fight started by The Clash.

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International Clash Day

International Clash Day in Guatemala with Music Journalist Julio Adelso of El Timbre

Throughout this week, KEXP speaks with different referents, writers, and music journalists from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Guatemala, and Mexico to give us an opinion and more detailed framework of what happened back in 1979. Today, music journalist Julio Adelso takes us to Guatemala.

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