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F*cking Vote

We at KEXP want to again remind you to vote in this November’s election. We’re keeping it pretty simple this time – no celebrities or rock stars telling you how they vote, no high-minded rhetoric – just Fucking Vote. A little crass? A little vulgar? Yeah, maybe, but some of what’s going on in our city, our state, and our country is pretty vulgar too.
Please, remember to vote or mail in your ballot on or before Tuesday, November 6th. Fucking Vote.

Already fucking voted? Use one of these graphics on social media to let everyone know!

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Local Voting Resources and Voter Guides (inclusion does not indicate endorsement by KEXP)

Vote by mail in Washington State
Latino Community Fund Voter Outreach Volunteering
Washington Conservation Voters Endorsements
League of Women Voters Endorsements
Progressive Voters Guide
Washington Bus Voter Guide
Seattle Times Editorial Board Endorsements
SEAMEC Candidate Ratings
City of Seattle Voters' Guide
King County Voters' Pamphlet

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