Play KEXP on Your Smart Speaker

Experiencing great music should be as easy as saying "Play KEXP." Just ask your smart speaker and start listening.

Alexa/Amazon Echo

First, enable the KEXP Alexa Skill by doing one of the following:

  • In your Alexa mobile app, search for the 'KEXP' skill and enable it.
  • On the web, enable it from the Alexa skills store (click the link, or search for KEXP and enable the skill).
  • From your Alexa device, you can try saying 'Alexa, enable KEXP', or 'Alexa, open KEXP." If this doesn't work (if you don't hear "Welcome to listener-powered KEXP..."), use one of the methods above.

To play the live broadcast​, just say "Alexa, play KEXP"

To find out what is playing at any time, say "Alexa, ask KEXP what song is playing?"​

To play a show from the two-week Streaming Archive, say:
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play the Morning Show”​
"Alexa, tell KEXP to play Street Sounds from last Friday"​
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play Pacific Notions from two days ago"​

To play shows featuring your favorite music genres, say:
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play Hip Hop"​
"Alexa, tell KEXP to play Country"​

To play shows with your favorite DJ, say:
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play Cheryl Waters"​
"Alexa, tell KEXP to play DJ Riz from last week"​

To play the KEXP Variety Mix from different times of day, say:
"Alexa, ask KEXP to play the weekends"
"Alexa, tell KEXP to play late nights"

"Alexa, ask KEXP to play the over nights"

In the Streaming Archive only, you can say: "Alexa, tell KEXP to skip to the next show"​

Google Home

Say "OK Google, Play KEXP."

Other functions for the Google Home (such as the Streaming Archive) are coming soon.

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