Music’s In Our Blood

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Bloodworks and KEXP are sending one Blood Donor and a guest to see Arlo Parks at the Fox Theater in Oakland on Tuesday, March 5th.


Donate blood from December 1st - 31st and enter to win tickets to Arlo Parks in Oakland, CA. Learn more and to sign up for a blood donation.


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Bloodworks Northwest, the primary blood supplier to hospitals in the Pacific Northwest, has announced the return of its “Music’s In Our Blood” campaign for a third year. 

Bloodworks Northwest provides 95% of the region’s hospitals with blood for various needs, including cancer and trauma transfusions. However, since the pandemic, blood donations have plunged by a staggering 35% — the present need is critical. For the third consecutive year, Bloodworks is joining forces with local businesses and the vibrant Seattle music community to amplify the urgent call for blood donors.
Building on an expanded lineup of partners, new collaborators, and a wave of musical enthusiasm, the 2023 campaign is set to drive awareness about the importance of blood donation. By bringing together the music and blood bank industries, Bloodworks Northwest aims to reach the younger generation, diversifying its audience and spreading the message of this critical need.

The campaign, which runs through Dec. 31, boasts a roster of partners, including names in the music industry and local businesses that are passionate about making an impact on the community. These include KEXP, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and Vitalogy Foundation, Washington State Fair, The Residency and Macklemore, AEG, Sonic Guild, Sub Pop Records, Top Pot Doughnuts, Blue Star Donuts, Three Magnets Brewing Co., Sleight of Hand Cellars and Marshall Hugh/Marshall Law Band, among others.

“Our campaign has returned stronger than ever,” said Bloodworks Northwest President and CEO Curt Bailey. “We are weaving the harmonious strands of music and lifesaving blood donation to create a symphony of compassion and community.”

Throughout the campaign and in partnership with Sonic Guild, local musicians will share their connection to blood donations through video testimonials across social media channels. Each month, Sonic Guild will provide a new round of artist testimonials. In addition, music venues in Seattle and Portland, including The Sunset Tavern, Tractor Tavern and Conor Byrne Pub, to name a few, will be promoting the campaign encouraging patrons to donate blood.

“Through partnership with Bloodworks Northwest, we’re channeling our musical passion into a cause that resonates deeply, fostering a unity that extends beyond the note,” said Ben London, executive director of Sonic Guild Seattle.

“Music’s In Our Blood” 2023 is brimming with events through the end of the year:

October: Halloween Blood Drive and more. In October, the campaign continues, with the following highlights:

• In partnership with AEG, donors through the month of October will have a chance to win roundtrip air on Alaska Airlines and 3-night hotel for two to see Carrie Underwood in Las Vegas.

• Special blood drives and a lounge at the Georgetown Morgue on Oct. 13 and 27, with STAR 101.5.

• A unique and spooky-themed Halloween blood drive at KEXP in Seattle on Oct. 30, which will be promoted by on-air DJs.

November: Sub Pop’s 35th Anniversary Celebration. November is a month of celebration, featuring the following:

• Through partnership with The Residency and Macklemore, November donors will be given an exclusive chance to win tickets and attend a meet ‘n’ greet with Macklemore at a concert in Seattle in December.

• Celebrate Sub Pop’s 35-year legacy through special brews, donuts and wine blends from Three Magnets Brewing Co., Top Pot Doughnuts (Seattle), Blue Star Donuts (Portland) and Sleight of Hands Cellar. Beer cans and wine bottles will feature custom labels designed by Sub Pop’s creative team, led by creative director Jeff Kleinsmith.

• The beer will be available at Sub Pop's store on 7th Avenue in Seattle and at their Sea-Tac Airport store, and wine at Wild Ginger, The Triple Door, select Ethan Stowell restaurants, and The Lakehouse in Bellevue.

December: Year-End Countdown and Grand Finale. As the year winds down, the campaign culminates with the following events:

• “Music’s In Our Blood” takes center stage during KEXP’s year-end countdown throughout the month, emphasizing the importance of blood donations while playing listeners’ favorite albums of 2023.

• In partnership with KEXP, the campaign will host its final flyaway campaign, featuring a 2024 festival or concert giveaway for December donors.

“All of us at KEXP are honored to be partnering with Bloodworks Northwest,” said Ethan Raup, CEO of KEXP. “Together, we amplify the melody of giving, bridging the gap between the art of music and the heart of blood donation."

The “Music’s In Our Blood” campaign continues to demonstrate the incredible power of music to unite communities and promote lifesaving blood donations. Donors, partners, and music enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in various events and initiatives throughout the year to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

To learn more about the campaign and how to help save lives, visit