KEXP Charts for the Week of Apr 12 - Apr 18

Add Date: Apr 22 

NOTE: Charts were frozen this week due to Six Degrees Week



Brainstory - Sounds Good (Big Crown)
Pearl Jam - Dark Matter (Monkeywrench/Republic)
Seafood Sam - Standing On Giant Shoulders (drink sum wtr)
Another Taste - Another Taste (Space Grapes)
Cloud Nothings - Final Summer (Pure Noise)
Dog Park - Festina Lente (Géographie)
Ekko Astral - pink balloons (Topshelf)
EMEL - MRA (Little Human)
Mei Semones - Kabutomushi EP (Bayonet Records)
New Age Healers - The Spin Out (self-released)
Pillow Queens - Your Sorrow (Royal Mountain)
somesurprises - Perseids (Doom Trip)
A Certain Ratio - It All Comes Down To This (Mute)
Blunt Chunks - The Butterfly Myth (Telephone Explosion)
Chanel Beads - Your Day Will Come (Jagjaguwar)
Michelle David & The True-Tones - Brothers & Sisters (Record Kicks)
Project Gemini - Colours & Light (Mr Bongo)
Amaro Freitas - Y’Y (Psychic Hotline)
Canblaster - LIBEROSIS (ACTS I-III) (Animal63)
Clarissa Connelly - World of Work (Warp)
Gerry Read - Not Quite There Yet (Shall Not Fade)
HighSchool - Accelerator ([PIAS] Australia)
Local Natives - But I’ll Wait For You (Loma Vista)
Mahawam - Hot Pressed (Molly House)
Newen Afrobeat - Grietas (Lichens Family)
Shabaka - Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace (Impulse!)
سليمان (Omar Souleyman) – Erbil (Mad Decent)