Review Revue: Animal Liberation

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

It's somewhat shocking that I haven't covered this collection in the first ten years of this series. Not only is it perhaps the most Review Revue-friendly album ever (if you count Ministry, whose Al Jourgensen produced the album and its interstitial material, Animal Liberation features five different artists featured in this series over the years - including both Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich!), but as an industrial-ish (ding!) compilation (ding ding!) of songs about animal rights (ding ding ding!), this really dings a lot of bells for me personally. And yet here I am, 30 years after its release, still never having heard it.

As you might expect for an industrial-ish compilation of songs about animal rights, the KCMU crowd were divided on the merits of Animal Liberation, both as a musical statement and a political one. As you might also expect for anything touching on the idea that maybe we shouldn't be eating animals at quite the voluminous rate we are, at least a couple folks could not resist throwing down with some really hilarious, cutting-edge humor about how yummy meat is. Man, that stuff never gets old!

Anyway, this one also seems tailor-made for one Mr. Kevin Cole. Why not drop him a line this afternoon and request "Silent Cry"?

"Some exclusive tracks here. The inbetween tracks are disturbing. Oriented musically around dancefloors, the cause anything but."

"'Three Big-Macs Please' This borders on the mediocre-to-lame."

"Choke on 'em!"

"May this be D. Leterman's writing?"

"I agree."


"Hey folks! Captain Sensible's on this!!!!!!"

"Don't be fooled. This came out in England a coupla  years ago. [Not as far as I can tell. It seems to have been released at the same time in the UK and US.] If you want a more compelling listen, try the b-side to 'Wot! No Meat?' ('A Meat Sandwich'). P.S. I'll have mine on traditional french bread with the works."


"A million cheers for these artists - let's not overlook the purpose of this album."

"C+C [Chris and Cosey]'s 'Silent Cry' is a happening thing."

"I agree, so is the album & the concept."


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