Review Revue: 10,000 Maniacs - In My Tribe

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

I figured it might be nice to have a post featuring a band that needed no introduction for a change, so today I bring you In My Tribe, the album that properly launched 10,000 Maniacs into the spotlight thirty years ago (give or take a couple months), where they remained for several years until Natalie Merchant moved on to other things. I said 10,000 Maniacs needed no introduction, and yet, paradoxically, they might need a re-introduction. Did you know they've been continuing on as a band this whole time, and just released a studio album two years ago? It's true! They just played at the Triple Door a couple months ago! So, hey, rock on with your bad selves, 10,000 Maniacs.

One notable fact about this particular album is that it originally contained a cover of Cat Stevens's "Peace Train," which was taken off later editions of the CD in the worldwide Cat Stevens purge that ensued after he said some things that led many to think he supported the fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Though this record still has "Peace Train" on it, at least one KCMU DJ spoke out against playing it -- but not for any political reasons.

"Natalie has restrained her voice . . . and the jangly, folky guitar is gone. This is a pop, not a folk album . . . Hmm, I'll have to listen more to decide if I like it or not!"

"Verdi Cries is a beaut."

"True, it is."

"False, it is not."

"A different slant on what they've done before, this is one of those records that gets under your skin w/repeated listenings. However, skip 'Peace Train,' a silly song to begin with, and it hasn't improved with age.

"'Kerouac' Yes!"

"Don't Talk skips!"

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