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Live Video: JEFF The Brotherhood

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photos by Amber Knecht (view set)

Nashville's JEFF The Brotherhood may have been dumped by the major label that produced it, but their latest LP, Wasted on the Dream, is anything but. Its big, punchy sound adds fuel to their high octane blend of hard rock, metal, grunge and punk. And brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall dream big, but not just of high production values, which thankfully seem only to sharpen their edge, but of a cannabis-fed fantasy of rock 'n' roll's most hedonistic, fist-pumping moments as they channel the heroes who influenced them. With Wasted salvaged and released on their own Infinity Cat label, the Orralls are back on the road and sharing good times with all who'll listen. Take a voyage as JEFF The Brotherhood performs live on KEXP.

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