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Live Videos: The Sidekicks

Live Video
Sam Hart
photo by Alan Lawrence (view set)

Armed with a fine assortment of tracks from their new Seattle-recorded release, Ohio band The Sidekicks unleash their brand of hooky rock in the KEXP live room. On Runners in the Nerved World, they've branched out from their punkish roots and now take pleasure in crafting out songs that are invigoratingly fresh and full of wonder. From the catchy hook of "Everything in Twos" to the Blue Album Weezer-era inspired sound of "Deer" and "Jesus Christ Supermalls", The Sidekicks take you on a freewheeling trip down the highway of cosmic youth music with its own stash of in-built natural highs along the way. So come along with The Sidekicks and watch the full set below.

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