Review Revue: Steve Fisk - 448 Deathless Days

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Levi Fuller

Steve Fisk, not unlike Jack Endino, is a figure in the Seattle rock universe who has had an enormous influence on the sounds coming out of this city, despite not being a household name to those who don't often peruse album credits. As a producer and engineer he's worked with everyone from Screaming Trees to Negativland to Unwound (and Survival Knife!) to Gabriel Mintz. As a performer and composer he's played with Pell Mell, The Halo Benders, and Pigeonhed, and released a handful of solo recordings. 1991's 448 Deathless Days, today's subject, was Fisk's solo debut LP. It appears it was so well-loved and -played at KCMU that the station's first copy had to be replaced due to poor handling.

"Interesting, innovative, swell use of tapes and samplers. From Ellensburg. Puts the carts to shame!"

"What Negativland does to popular culture Mr. Fisk does to popular song."

"STEVE! STEVE! Let me watch TV with you."

"This is as good as his first LP should be, by golly buy it."

"'Tongues' was incredible. The rest is wondeful too."

"Tragedy at Sea was cool and as nifty as this whole album."

"You can also find Steve on the 'Life Elsewhere.'"

"I expect you all to overplay this."

"Oooooh YES!!!!"

"Now it's a M and I'm sad . . . can it go back to H some more?"

"Hey - LOOK. New album inside now - smile"

"1st person to fuck this up with fingerprints gets their fingers chopped off . . . [graphic drawing of hand with chopped-off fingers]"

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