Live Video: Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Matthew Thompson (view set)

Shearwater fans need not worry: they're "not turning into a cover band". So says principle songwriter Jonathan Meiburg, who recently performed a set of covers live in the KEXP studio. Their new album, Fellow Travelers, in fact, consists exclusively of cover songs written by tour companions of the Austin band, which include a surprisingly wide range of artists like Folk Implosion, ClinicSt. Vincent, The Baptist Generals, Xiu Xiu and Coldplay. In his interview with Cheryl Waters, Jonathan Meiburg calls it a "reboot" a way to "look forward and a look back" at the people he and bandmates Kimberly Burke and Thor Harris have traveled with, just before they themselves get on with their new record. Fellow Travelers, though, is no off-track excursion but a significant landmark on their remarkable journey.

Wye Oak's "Mary Is Mary"

David Thomas Broughton's "Ambiguity"

Angels of Light's "Black River Song"

Frank Ocean's "Novacane"

Full Performance:

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