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Today’s song, featured on The Morning Show with John Richards, is DoM's “Gud Tymes (Good Times),” a self-released single.
By Will Hagle

DoM, a Worcester, Massachusetts-based band named after their charismatic frontman Dominic Cournoyer, became a cautionary tale of late-aughts indie pop. The band blew up with their hit single “Living In America,” leading them to sign with Astralwerks Records and release a couple of acclaimed EPs. They rode the hype surrounding them before it all ultimately came crashing to a sudden halt. DoM, who always had a penchant for getting himself into trouble, slipped into an opioid addiction after the second EP and receded from public life. Aside from a few one-off songs and an electronic side project, he stopped releasing music for several years.

“Gud Tymes (Good Times),” an ironically nostalgic nod to the past, marks Dom’s triumphant return to the music industry, this time as an independent artist. The self-released single has all the elements of what attracted fans to DoM in the first place: sweetly sung yet slightly dark lyrics, a swirling synth line, driving bass, a big hook, and an upbeat tone. Dominic sounds fresh, and he is, having recently kicked his opioid addiction and decided to make music again with a renewed perspective.

Dom doesn’t have any tour dates coming up but has announced that he will be playing Upstream Music Fest + Summit in Seattle in June. You can follow him on his Facebook page for more information. Below, watch the video for “Gud Tymes.”

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