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KEXP is excited to present a show programmed and produced by teens. Under the guidance and direction of KEXP DJs, 90.TEEN creates interest and opportunity for youth in radio and media arts while presenting the best in music that our community’s youth are listening to right now. 90.TEEN provides a voice for Seattle youth, in a fun educational format.

90.TEEN is programmed by the participants in the KEXP Youth DJs program. The goal of this program is to teach young people confidence skills and develop career goals, positive thinking, practice, curation, technical and programmatic knowledge, and training through the art of broadcast journalism and DJing.

Applications are currently closed for the next cohort of Youth DJs. For more information, visit this page.

Check out the streaming archive or listen to past shows here.

90.TEEN DJs:


Vega vi (they/them)

A visual artist, clothing designer, and junior karate instructor, DJ Vega Vi’s imagination is fueled by music. Music brings out their fun side and serves as a shield when they are feeling overwhelmed. DJ Vega Vi believes that music is one of the most empowering and expressive forms of art, and wants to help more youth find music that inspires.


Sofia k (she/her)

DJ Sofia K. student is a running start student at Seattle Central College. She loves live music with a passion and goes to many concerts. Sofia K. enjoys writing her own music and learning about music production and feels that music is such a powerful way to connect everyone. Her other hobbies include ceramics and thrifting.


dj meggy  (she/her)

As a recent graduate from high school, DJ Meggy Bee is an Irish step dancer and dog lover. Her appreciation for music has an integral role in her life and she loves to share this passion with her family and friends. Her favorite artists include Sufjan Stevens, Haley Blais, and Radiohead (but there are many, many more). In her spare time, Meggy Bee likes reading, cooking with her family, and watching movies.


kennady quille (she/her)

DJ Kennady is a high school student who splits her time between The Center School and North Seattle College. She was first introduced to the Seattle music scene through Rain City Rock Camp when she was 8 years old and now interns for the organization year-round. Additionally, she is a musician and writes her own music. She has a strong passion for representing feminist and queer voices within the music community and strives to express that in her radio show. In her spare time, she goes out to see local musicians and attends concerts with her friends.


Sebastian Mendoza (he/him)

A student at Gibson Ek High School, Sebastian has spent two years volunteering at KEXP in the Production department. A musician himself, he is inspired by Pearl Jam, Chicano Batman, and Fleet Foxes, in addition to creating his own music as well. He also serves on both KEXP’s Youth Resonance and Community Advisory Boards and in his spare time he likes to go to Sounders games and concerts.


9 Coleman-harvey (he/him)

DJ 9 is a multi-faceted visual artist and musician. Currently a student at Garfield High School, 9 is the baseline section leader of GHS Drumline. As a visual artist, 9’s collaborative contributions have exhibited at The Paramount Theatre and on the cover of The Stranger’s 2016 “Back to School” issue. As the monthly resident DJ at Martyr Sauce during Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk, 9’s innovative playlists break cultural norms and push boundaries merging musical genres in unexpected ways.

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