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Midnight In A Perfect World

Midnight In A Perfect World: Arel

Seattle-based DJ and Housepartysea founder Arel delivers an addictive guest DJ mix spotlighting magnetic underground club tracks by Black artists that touches upon house, techno, Jersey Club, slick R&B edits, Afro-house, and more.

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Community Engagement

International District Mixtape: Songs Chosen by Asian American-Led Organizations in Seattle

KEXP's Community Engagement Coordinator Wei Wei Xiao brings us an International District Mixtape, curated by seven local Asian American-led organizations in Seattle.

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Live Performances Drive Time

Kristin Hersh: From My Headphones to My Basement

A long-time fan of her work in Throwing Muses, Drive Time's DJ Kevin Cole invites Kristin Hersh over for a guest DJ set, interview, and a four-song live session.

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In Our Headphones

In Our Headphones: Mach-Hommy, The Weisest Band, Artsick, Marilina Bertoldi ft Javiera Mena

In this month's edition of In Our Headphones, KEXP's Digital Content team share the music that's resonating with them right now.

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The Beatles In Retrograde: An Astrological Analysis of the Fab Four, After Watching Get Back

Inspired by The Beatles: Get Back, KEXP's Janice Headley digs into the astrological make-up of the Fab Four just in time for the January 30th screening of the rooftop concert at IMAX.

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Midnight In A Perfect World

Midnight In A Perfect World: Trentemøller

In anticipation of his upcoming album Memoria, Danish composer, musician, and producer Trentemøller shares a captivating mix of fuzzy garage rock, psychedelic pop nuggets, and blistering shoegaze jams on his guest DJ mix.

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Album Reviews

New Music Reviews (01/24)

Each week, Music Director Don Yates (joined this week by DJ Alex) shares brief insights on new and upcoming releases for KEXP's rotation. See what we added this week below (and on our Charts page), including new releases from Yard Act, Silverbacks, Anxious, and more.

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Music News

Not Your Parents' Bumbershoot: Steven Severin on the Future of Seattle's Long-Running Music & Arts Festival

A new group has been chosen to take over Seattle's Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival. Co-organizer Steven Severin talks about how they want to make tickets more affordable, less dependent on big name headliners, and they want the festival to go beyond just Labor Day weekend.

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Midnight In A Perfect World

Midnight In A Perfect World: DJ Harrison

Richmond, VA's DJ Harrison shares deep cuts from legendary R&B, soul, funk, and hip-hop artists in his exclusive guest DJ mix for Midnight In A Perfect World.

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Sub Pop 30th Anniversary Count-Up

In 2018, KEXP celebrated the 30th anniversary of local record label Sub Pop with a four-month retrospective, "counting up" every catalog number in their vast discography of over 1,200 releases. Dig into the archives of our catalog coverage, featuring in-depth coverage on the history of their releases.

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