Midnight In A Perfect World: Wordcolour

Midnight In A Perfect World
Alex Ruder
photo by Jemima Yong

Wordcolour is the alias of innovative UK-based electronic producer Nicholas Worrall. With a background in jazz, pop, and contemporary classical music, Wordcolour fuses his diverse influences through an inventive prism of contemporary electronic and progressive club music for a sound that is heady, unpredictable, and bursting with brain-tickling ideas. Following a pair of ear-grabbing EPs, Wordcolour unveiled his debut full-length album The trees were buzzing, and the grass. last month on London's Houndstooth Records that puts his unique brew of futuristic IDM, magnetic post-dubstep, edgy electro, avant-garde techno, and a quirky musique concrète aesthetic on full display.

Wordcolour's exclusive guest DJ mix for Midnight In A Perfect World perfectly showcases his enveloping and captivating style as he blends experimental club rhythms, percussive downtempo rollers, propulsive techno, electro jams, and woozy ambience in seamless fashion.

Artist Title
Midnight In A Perfect World Intro
Soreab Dramas
Azu Tiwaline Medium Time
Ronan Sea Cave
Oyubi WYB
Keppel Taken For Granted
pq sidescroller
Schacke Miasma Of Filth
Yilan Bayon
Will Hofbauer Pollen Count (Antihistamix)
VT.inno Untitled 1
Jeigo IHaint
Pariah Caterpillar
LWS Spoker
Realitycheck Morse
Modern Swerve Phantosmia
Dynoman Shadow Step
Sons of Slough Snares and Temptations
Mx.Tactful Softstickytape
Wordcolour people can you hear me?
Kincaid More Good Than Bad


Midnight in a Perfect World , KEXP's weekly hour-long guest DJ show, airs Fridays at midnight. This multi-genre program features eclectic sets by a rotating cast of international and local DJ's, each building upon a party vibe to kick off your weekend. Midnight in a Perfect World  is made possible with support from New Belgium Brewing.

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