Live Video: Nada Surf

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Amber Knecht (view set)

Nobody does wistful like Nada Surf. The veteran NYC band have long made longing a thing, crafting some of the most loveably poignant pop melodies you're likely to hear. (Even their "Happy Kid" ain't so happy.) Thankfully, age hasn't settled them, and two decades after their debut, they return with You Know Who You Are, their eighth album (seventh of original material), and ten more sunny songs of hopeless yearning. KEXP listeners will know that Nada Surf has performed many times before on KEXP - from New York, Bumbershoot, our old studio, and elsewhere - often with intimate, acoustic arrangements, so with our new studio up and running, we had to invite them to plug in and rock out the big room. Revel in the electrified heartbreak as these perennial favorites perform an extended set, featuring five new songs and an older favorite.

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