Review Revue: Dinosaur Jr. - Bug

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Can you believe I've been doing this here blog series for 8 years now? I can't even believe blogs have existed for 8 years. I could practically start posting albums that were new back when I started, if only this back-and-forth review culture that was so active in the '80s and early '90s were still going strong. I blame the internet, for giving today's music nerds too many outlets, so they don't feel like their only option to have their opinion heard is to write it on a sticker and slap it on an album cover in a radio station library. Curse you, Wordpress!

Where was I? Ah, yes, 8 years ago. It all started with a CD by a little band called Dinosaur Jr.... so I thought I'd bring it all back home this week, with another Dino Jr. selection. Where Green Mind was the first album without Lou Barlow, Bug was the last with him (not that they knew it at the time) - until 2007, of course, which reformation was I guess what prompted me to cover Green Mind in the first place.

Anyway, enough outta me. Here's what the (volunteer) professionals had to say about Bug. (Spoiler: it's mostly about accidentally playing an obscene song.)

"Yowza! This entire alb is great. Imagine Neil Young @ his prime, but filtered thru the East Coast noise-rock scene (Live Skull/Sonic Youth). 'Freak Scene' is my fave, but try 'Don't' if you like real raunch, shredded vocal chords 'n' the like."

"Sorry Kathy, you'll have to play 'Freak Scene' at home - it's a red dot. If anyone can find the stickers, will you put one on. (The record that is.) East coast noise rock describes this album very well."

"I found the red dot stickers!"

"I'm bummed & I apologize for missing that red dot. Oh well... 'They Always Come' is a close 2nd, okay?"

"Powerful stuff - rockin' grind."

"You're all freaks!"

"'No Bones' is the greatest!! And 'Yeah We Know.' And the rest, this + their last are the best [illegible] EVER."

"That candy spider on the back looks delicious. Yum! Just like this record."

"Yay them!"

"Wow, to bang your head in the studio!"

"KCMU is damned proud to welcome J., Murph, & Lou, aka Dinosaur Jr. to Seatttelll [sic] @ the Central, Sat. 3/18 (21+)."

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