Review Revue: Richard Lloyd - Field of Fire

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

The main reason I pulled this album out is because Richard Lloyd! Television! Not only did I recently see his legendary old band, sadly without him, but it turns out that the man himself is embarking on a very rare solo tour which will bring him to our own beloved Columbia City Theater this September 9th! How could I not talk about this record?

But it turns out there is more to Field of Fire than a fine slab of mid-'80s guitar rock. As I was looking for a version to listen to, I soon learned that Lloyd was less than thrilled with how this album originally turned out, and as a companion to a 2007 remastered edition of the album he released a completely rerecorded and reimagined version on his own terms. I have no idea how KCMU circa 1986 would have liked it, but I'm glad he's happy with it. You should probably go listen to both right now, while you buy a ticket to that show on September 9th.

"This is really good. Richard Lloyd - ex guitarist for Television. This is a Swedish import."


"I think this captures much of TV's feel, but also treads along finely regardless." [I don't really know what this means.]

"'Lovin Man' cool pop."

"Good record..."

"It's mahvelous."

"Somehow the cover told me what to expect..."

"Boy, he sure kin strike a rockerly pose can't he!"

"Mark: R U Jealous?"

"Blows away most of today's attempts at guitar rock."

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